WaxNax is a simple product - much like a shot glass, our inserts give users the ability to regulate their dosage and deliver a consistent enjoyable experience.

WaxNax inserts are loaded with benefits including simplified consumption, improved taste, reduced contamination, and improves portability.


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Concentrate Revolution

WaxNax Benefits


Tired of laboring away with Q-tips after every session in attempts to keep your rig clean? WaxNax inserts keep your concentrate confined to the insert, eliminating leftover residue and the need to constantly clean your device. 

Instead of q-tipping for hours, simply use our tweezers to remove the insert from the rig, then sit back and enjoy the high.


Want to bring your dabs on the go, but worry about the mess? Love the portability of dab pens, but hate the high they produce? Our pre-filled inserts remove the need to dig around and estimate doses from a glob of concentrate, making them perfect for taking on the go. 

Grab a pack of WaxNax and your favorite nectar collector, Dip Device, Ter Pen, etc. and start enjoying your pre-dosed concentrate straight out of the box.


WaxNax has taken initiative to drive such change: we use 69% less glass per one gram unit than the industry standard gram jar. In addition, to manufacture our boxes, we’ve partnered with Crativ Boxes, who were recently named one of the most sustainable packaging solutions in the industry by High Times Magazine. 


Worry that your concentrate is wasted when it melts into your rig’s water chamber? Add too much concentrate to the banger, leaving wasted concentrate in the banger after you’ve taken your hit? 

Make the most out of your dabs with WaxNax inserts. Our inserts act as material barriers that prevent concentrate from escaping into the water chamber and allow you to reheat leftover concentrate. With WaxNax, you always get every last hit.