WaxNax Story

Simplify the cannabis concentrate experience!

While pushing the entire cannabis industry forward through Innovation, Advocacy, and Consumer Education. 


How we got here:

On a sunny morning in Santa Barbara, California, founders were gathered around for an early morning dab sesh with a few friends. Since some of the group were not experienced concentrate users, Lex started estimating small dabs of shatter, rolling the dabs into pre-portioned ‘shatter balls’ in attempts to simplify the process. The revolutionary thought seemed to strike each of us at the same time: 

“Why aren’t dabs packaged and sold in individual, pre-portioned doses?” 

In search of an answer, WaxNax LLC was formed in 2018 and we began developing a solution.

After a year of R&D, we released our preloaded glass inserts that allow consumers to regulate dosage, dab on-the-go, experience improved flavor, no longer clean dirty rigs, protect their lungs, and reduce their carbon footprints with less waste. 

Ultimately, we aim to create the optimal consumption experience for all concentrate users. Whether you’re a first time dabber looking for a safe and controllable introduction, or a veteran concentrate connoisseur in search of that perfect hit, WaxNax inserts provide a high-quality dabbing experience designed to suit your needs.