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1 WaxNax - Empty Dab Kit

1 WaxNax - Empty Dab Kit

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WaxNax Dab Kits are the perfect solution for people who want to store and dispense their products in an organized and convenient way. Our units are sold empty, allowing you to them with your preferred product. Each package comes with an empty one-gram packaging unit, 20 inserts, tweezers for easy handling, a sticker QR code that provides instructions on how to use the unit, an instruction card with important information, and a WaxNax sticker to add a personal touch.

Discover the ultimate dabbing experience with WaxNax Dab Kits! Our revolutionary single serve inserts act like shot glasses, offering consistent dosage regulation and improved taste, while reducing contamination and increasing portability. Get hassle-free dabbing with WaxNax - the perfect dabbing tool for all levels.

Our compact and portable design makes it easy to take your products with you wherever you go. Whether you're at home or on the go, WaxNax Units are the ultimate packaging solution for your needs.

If you value organization and ease of use in your packaging solutions, then WaxNax Units are the perfect choice for you. Get yours today and enjoy the convenience of having your preferred product at your fingertips. 

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Katie B
Portable Dabbing Perfected: My Experience with WaxNax Dab Kits

I love that WaxNax's Dab Kits allows me to easily travel with my dabs on the go and have different types of product in each insert depending on the time of day, or location I am in. It's super convenient and fits in my pocket! Overall WaxNax is the ultimate product for an easy, tasty and convenient dab experience.